Offering superior training in the classical Pilates style in both private and semi-private sessions.


Change your fascia on a deeper level.  Work with the muscle groups along the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine to facilitate health and wellbeing throughout the body.

Intuitive Healing/Intutive Readings

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Intuitive Movement Healing

What is Intuitive Movement Healing?

This is a term I developed to describe my unique approach to training and healing the body.  Early on in my practice it became clear that emotions and experiences were deeply intermeshed in the makeup of the body.  This includes muscles, fascia, bone; essentially every cell in your body.  It also includes the energetic boundaries within and surrounding your body.

I found that I could facilitate change and healing within and individual when combining multiple modalities of healing.  Every session is customized to incorporates the modalities necessary for each individual.  Nothing is "cookie cutter".



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