Making Peace with Your Feet, with Dr. Christian Northrup, MD.

Hope created a signature foot exercise series as a bonus material for Dr. Northrup's _Goddesses Never Age_  e-course and DVD collection.  It was also featured as a bonus gift with patron's support of PBS.

You can view Hope's signature foot series on the studio Facebook page:

Outside of the studio:

Portland Ballet and Elizabeth Drucker's Ballet School

Hope is an ongoing guest instructor for the professional company dancers at Portland Ballet in Portland, Maine

She also created a customized Pilates and resistance stretch classes for the ballet students who study with former New York City Ballet dancer, and exceptional teacher Elizabeth Drucker.  Her studio is in Tophsham, Maine.

Over the years Hope has taught enrichment classes for the dance students at Thornton Academy, as well as the general student populations of North Yarmouth Academy and Falmouth High School.