Frequently asked questions:

What do I wear?

Wear something comfortable, like you would for yoga class.  It's important to be able to see your form as we are working with alignment.  It doesn't have to be skin tight, just not baggy.  Belts, snaps, and zippers on the back of athletic pants are not allowed as they may damage the apparatus or get caught and cause injury to you.

We work bare foot or stocking foot--no shoes.

Please remove all jewelry (wedding rings are fine, of course) as it can be injurious to you as well as puncture the upholstery.  Hats with brims are not to be worn.

For strictly Intuitive sessions:  whatever is comfortable for you.

What do I need to bring?

For private sessions, everything is provided for you including local, ethically sourced Carabasset Spring water.

For mat classes and FasciaRehab classes, please bring a mat.  The squisher the better.  Yoga mats are not suitable for Pilates but are okay for FasciaRehab.  Please ask for mat recommendations.

I don't live in Maine.  How can I get involved?

WE TRAVEL!  WORLDWIDE.  And intuitive work with Hope can be done OVER THE PHONE.

If you would like to book an intensive with Hope and Chris, tailored to your needs, utilizing all of their knowledge and skills, please send an email to or call 207-749-6236

If your studio or facility would like to host Hope and Chris for a workshop/intensive, please send an email to or call 207-749-6236

If you would like to book an INTUITIVE session over the phone with Hope, send an email to or call 207-794-6236