PBS/Hay House taping "Making Peace with your Feet" for Goddesses Never Age.
PBS/Hay House taping “Making Peace with your Feet” for Goddesses Never Age.

Our Approach

Hope combines multiple modalities of healing and conditioning to facilitate total body wellness and the connection between mind, body and spirit.

Clients are taught to utilize these methods on their own and to trust their own intuitition around healing and living.

Hope’s Story

I opened Sparhawk Pilates in June of 2003 after studying, apprenticing and working in Portland, Maine for three years at Portland Pilates with Nancy Etnier, and in New York at The Authentic Pilates Method/Performing Arts Physical Therapy and at Dragos Gym (now True Pilates) with Master instructors Romana Kryzanowska, Bob Liekens, Sari Santos Pace, Peter Fiasca, Brett Howard, Michael Fritzke and TonVoogt.

It was a golden time in Pilates history,  just before and just after the trademark opened up; before you could call just about anything “Pilates” and when all of these masters were in one location.  A time never be repeated and I feel so fortunate to have learned the authentic thread of Joseph H. Pilates work.  I take it on as a personal task to pass on this method as taught to me in it’s purest form.  It is important to me that if Joe and Romana were alive today, they would feel completely at home in my studio and recognize what it is I’m teaching.

While working with clients it became apparent to me that emotions, beliefs, and even past lives can be caught up in the tissues and fascia of the body.  When a body moves, I see where the impingements are and I’m able to discern whether they are physical or emotional.  Dr. Christian Northrup, one of my regular clients, encouraged me to delve deeper into what I was seeing, sensing and hearing.  This began my journey into understanding how energy works in the body as well as reclaiming what I inherently knew.

I dove head first into this learning through self guided research and by receiving healing sessions and studying under Melanie Erickson, Intuitive Healer.  With her, I developed my own way of working with energy and healing.  During an Infinity Breath exercise I was able to see my lineage of healers before me and learned that I could access their knowledge.   It was in preparation for a presentation at one of Melanie’s retreats that I coined the name “Intuitive Movement Healing”.

I also studied under the late Peter Calhoun, Western Shaman.  I learned many healing techniques including his own method called “Imprint Removal”.  This is a no-frills way of removing, layer by layer, negative cellular imprinting that inhibits the body from freedom of movement and thought.

After a major physical setback, I was introduced to Resistance Flexibility, the work of Bob Cooley.  It was a time when I had considered leaving my studio to do something else.  It was like a shot of adrenaline.  This picked up where Pilates left off and filled in the terminology where it didn’t exist in Joe’s time.  The work restores damaged fascia throughout the body, along the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the deep fascial planes to facilitate healing.  It also incorporates and develops psychological attributes associated with each of the organs/meridians.  Working with my trainers, I transformed the condition of the tissues and fascia in my body.  I began working more closely with a master in this method, Chris Renfrow, to learn everything I could and to bring it home to Maine, enhance and incorporate into my teaching.

Currently Chris Renfrow and I are working to advance the understanding of fascia and why it is so importlant in our human lives.  We have created FasciaRehab together and are working to bring you this very exciting new work.

But by in large, my research and development  has been self directed, cosmically downloaded, and my studio has been my creative coloring box.

Meet the Team

Hope Matthews is the primary figure at the Center for Intuitive Movement Healing.  Occasionally we host experts in their field to hold workshops that enrich and enhance the healing experience for our clients.  We are also available for weekend intensives and workshops in your location.


Hope Matthews

Founder, Director and Master Instructor

Creator and practitioner of  Intuitive Movement Healing, Co-founder of FasciaRehab, Intuitive, Classically trained in the Pilates Method, Ordained Minister.


Chris Renfrow

Certified NCSA and ACE Personal Trainer; BA and MS Degrees in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine; Elite Flexibility Trainer and Biomechanics advisor.  Co-founder of FasciaRehab.



Our team, hard at work.

Next Steps…

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