Offering private and semi-private sessions; and intermediate through advanced mat classes in the classical Pilates style.

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Fascia Rehab

"It's not your age, it's your fascia."  Hope Matthews

Facilitate deep change in the muscle groups and internal organs along the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Restructure dense, damaged fascia into supple, functional fascia.

Small group classes, intensives, and privates.

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Intuitive Healing/Intuitive Readings

Facilitate physical and emotional change through energy work.  Need help moving forward in your life?  Sessions are available either in person or on the phone.

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What we're about.

I truly believe that the body has the knowledge, capacity, and will to heal itself.  It is my personal mission to facilitate that for each of my clients.

Intuitive Movement Healing is a term I developed to describe the unique approach to health, healing and wellbeing I have implemented in my practice for the past 18 years.  Although I offer distinct modalities separately, each is inextricably integrated into every session in some way.

"Our goal is to bring integrated healing through multiple modalities in an effort to offer an alternative to conventional models of fitness, health, and healing."

Hope Matthews


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